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About US

The Professional Board of Hypnotherapy, Inc. is a voluntary membership organization and association designed for the purpose of networking, education, and promotion of the art and science of hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

Our Mission:

To link hypnosis professionals worldwide. Our members are Hypnotherapist’s who adhere to a Hypnotherapist’s Code of Ethics and also a Professional Code of Rights and Responsibilities. Our members join because they are interested in the ethical use and promotion of hypnotherapy. We wish to monitor laws and to increase the knowledge about the safe and ethical use of hypnotherapy in the general public. The first order of business is to provide networking, education, and promotional opportunities to our members in good standing.


Our intention, with our members help, is to promote the ethical use of hypnosis as an incredible healing modality. To promote and educate the public and other professionals about the benefits, and the contraindications to the use of hypnosis. To promote the use of hypnosis as a viable, safe, and effective means of helping others achieve personal success when utilized by certified and trained practitioners of hypnosis.

The Professional Board of Hypnotherapy, Inc. was designed and conceived by Alan Eastman, BA, MA, DCH. Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy, American Institute of Hypnotherapy, 1997. We also have many board members who have offered their time and help in founding our association of hypnosis professionals.

Benefits of Membership:

The PBH is at the forefront of helping to establish ethical standards for our members. Newsletters, articles, and networking opportunities exist and are distributed on a regular basis. Access to support and information in promoting the use of hypnosis. Hypnosis marketing, professional development seminars, educational seminars, and basic through advanced certification course training. Also, members have unlimited access to our Hypnosis Help and Information Line: 1-888-686-6163

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Executive Director: Alan Eastman, DCH.

2008 Doctor of Philosophy
2002 – 2009 Appointed Professor, (Faculty, Director )
Breyer state University
2000 Master of Arts in Mental Health Counselling
2000 Psychological Association of Alberta ( membership current)
1997 Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy (DCH)
1993 BA Psychology Unuversity of Calgary
1993 BA Geography University of Calgary
2000 Canadian Registry of Professional Counsellors,
Psychotherapists and Mental Health Services
2001 International Hypnosis Federation,
1993 – 2003 Alberta Mental Health Board (AMHB)
Mobile Support Team member
10 year certificate
1986-1991 Canadian Army (R)-749 Com Sqn

Alan Eastman is currently enrolled at University of Sedona, University of Metaphysics
in Pastoral Counselling

Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.”

– The Dalai Lama.
Alan R Eastman DCH

All questions and comments may be directed to The Excel Center Hypnotherapy Training College. 1-888-686-6163, or (403) 347-9019 or visit

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