Professional Board of Hypnotherapy, Inc

The Professional Board of Hypnotherapy - Code of Ethics

  • Maintain and uphold the standards of professional practice, as stated in the “Professional Code of Rights and Responsibilities,” and in this “Code of Ethics.”

  • Conduct hypnotherapy sessions in a professional manner and in a professional setting.

  • Uphold the dignity of the client at all times.

  • Protect and uphold client confidentiality, as noted in the “Professional code of Rights and Responsibilities.” Possible exceptions include:

    -When permission has been granted in writing by the client on file.

    -When the client’s, or another person’s life is at risk for withholding private information. Information will then only be released to the proper authorities, such as the police, and/or child protective authorities.

    -By court order.

  • A member shall maintain only professional contact between hypnotherapist and client, during the course of therapy.

  • Members will act with professional respect towards other members of the Professional Board of Hypnotherapy, and other professionals they may come in contact with.

  • Members will maintain the standards of their profession and will keep up-to-date with relevant material in their chosen professional field.

  • Members will only work within their realm of training and knowledge acquired through quality hypnosis certification schools.

  • A member will provide referrals to other qualified professionals when indicated. Members shall also acquire the referral, or permission for treatment of licensed professionals when indicated.

  • Above all, members will abide by the laws of the land in relation to the practice of hypnotherapy in their Province, State, or Country.

Questions regarding ethics? Contact the Professional Board of Hypnotherapy, Inc.
(403) 347 – 9019.
Alan Eastman, DCH.

“The beginning is the most important part of the work.”
– Plato (427-347 B. C.), The Republic